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Environment - IMO Environment Committee approves amendments to cut ship emissions

Dernière mise à jour : 16 déc. 2020

Swiss Shipowners Association welcome IMO decision approving new mandatory regulations to cut the carbon intensity of existing ships.

ICS states: "This is a really important step in the right direction. Efficiency measures are a vital tool in our armoury, but this will not decarbonise the shipping industry alone. We urgently need a massive injection of investment and political will so that we can develop the new fuels that will deliver a zero-carbon shipping industry that is sustainable and equitable for all. The time has come to increase momentum in our fight to address the climate crisis. This includes development of the industry’s proposal for a 5 billion dollar fund to accelerate R&D of zero-carbon technologies, which the MEPC is also considering this week."

Article by Guy Platten - Secretary General of the International Chamber of Shipping -

Why zero-carbon is no pleasure cruise fo
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