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Policy / Seafarers / Taxation - Link between Tonnage tax and Swiss flag

Joint statement Swiss Shipowners Association - Nautilus International

Nautilus International and Swiss Shipowners Association exchanged views on the future of the Swiss merchant fleet in the context of the current tonnage tax discussions and the recent adoption of the Swiss Maritime Strategy. Below joint statements (French and German) published.

Tonnage tax is essential to maintain the competitiveness of the maritime sector. Given the length of investment cycles, the sector needs visibility for their future in Switzerland. For this reason, the tonnage tax must be adopted as quickly as the democratic process allows.

A link between the tonnage tax and the Swiss flag must be established in order to safeguard the flag and increase Switzerland's influence with international bodies. This requires an attractive Swiss maritime flag defined by a modern maritime law.

20230918 Joint Statement Nautilus-Swiss Shipowners Association DE
Download PDF • 223KB

20230918 Joint Statement Nautilus-Swiss Shipowners Association FR
Download PDF • 234KB

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