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Swiss Shipowners Association is member of :

ICS International Chamber Shipping
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​Safeguard, preserve and  promote interests
of Swiss based shipowners
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The association represents all companies controlling and operating vessels from Switzerland 

The association  has been founded in 1942 to safeguard, preserve and promote the interests of its members.

It participates within national and international non-governmental organizations


It supports the development of shipowning, ship operating and ship management activities based or controlled from Switzerland

The Swiss Shipowners Association today represents a large majority of the vessels controlled from Switzerland

Switzerland is a leading maritime nation

9th fleet in the world
55 shipping co.
0,4% of Swiss GDP
Présentation du  notre cabinet
4th fleet in Europe
Over 900 ships
2'000 jobs


The Swiss Shipowners Association has been created in 1942, following the Swiss government
decision to have an independent Swiss flag fleet able to guarantee supply of the country during the war.


Shipping in


The fleet controlled from Switzerland is among the 15 largest merchant fleets, ranking n°4 in Europe,
and n°9 in the world. Swiss based companies operate presently over 900 vessels.


The Association released a white book on the Swiss maritime sector (May 2020). It states the most important measures to secure the Swiss maritime fleet in a competitive environment

that includes the implementation of a tonnage tax.

Participation in international organisations

Swiss Shipowners Association is a permanent member of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and seats in the board. The Association is also member of BIMCO.

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